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BYD becomes third-largest EV manufacturer in the world

California Governor Jerry Brown at BYD's Lancaster factory. Source: BYD

Chinese company closes in on Tesla and sets sights on US market Chinese automaker BYD has overtaken Mitsubishi to become the third-largest EV manufacturer in the world. With 161,000 total sales including hybrids, it now trails only the Renault-Nissan Alliance (369,000 sales) and Tesla Motors (164,000 sales). In fact, it …

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Hyundai Genesis – the beginning or the end of its EV ambitions?

Hyundai ix35 fuel cell

Hyundai’s Genesis range will contain plug-in hybrids, but the company sees batteries only as an intermediate step to hydrogen fuel cells. Hyundai’s decision to focus its electrified vehicle plans on a brand that is barely off the ground has surprised some. Yet a follow-up announcement by Hyundai Motor America CEO …

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ORNL trials 20-kW wireless EV charging

Oak Ridge National Laboratory's 20-kilowatt wireless charging system.
Source: ORNL

A 20-kilowatt wireless charging system demonstrated at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has achieved 90% efficiency at three times the rate of the plug-in systems commonly used for electric vehicles (EVs) today. While wireless charging is not necessarily one of the technology gaps holding EVs back, …

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Four UK Cities Get £40 Million Investment to Improve EV Infrastructure (This is Money)

A fund of £40 million will be spread across Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes and London in a Government bid to promote the uptake of electric and plug-in hybrid cars, it was announced on Monday by the Department of Transport. The money from the Go Ultra Low City Scheme will now be used …

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Morgan to Build Electric Cars Starting in 2019 (Electric Cars Reports)

Morgan has received £6m (nearly $8.5 million) in funding to start building hybrid and electric cars from 2019. The money, which comes from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre and UK-based Delta Motorsport and Potenza Technology, will go to expand the company’s research and development department. The first regular-production electric model in Morgan’s …

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