Head of HY4 project optimistic about the future of zero-emission flying

Credit: DLR

ElecTrans speaks to University of Ulm Professor Josef Kallo about the fuel cell aircraft project In October, ElecTrans covered the successful test flight of the HY4 hydrogen plane, which has been one of the most exciting developments in fuel cell technology this year. The flight marked a major milestone on …

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Wireless charging on the fly


Researchers at Imperial College London successfully test wireless charging for drones batteries – whilst they are airborne Scientists have demonstrated a “highly efficient” method for wirelessly transferring power to a drone while it is flying. The breakthrough could, in theory, allow flying drones to stay airborne indefinitely – simply hovering over …

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Tier 1 battery chopper takes off

Tier 1's R44 takes off

Tier 1 Engineering has successfully completed initial flight tests with a manned, battery-powered helicopter While much of the aviation industry looks towards ducted fans and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) as the next stage of electric aviation, US-based engineering services firm Tier 1 Engineering is giving the tried-and-tested helicopter an …

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NASA working hard to X-plane itself

The X-57 Maxwell. Credit: NASA.

Having proposed the re-launch of its X-plane programme earlier this year, NASA’s Aeronautics division has recently unveiled its latest innovation: the all-electric X-57 With a spate of recent announcements, progress in electric aviation is really beginning to take off. NASA in particular has shown renewed efforts this year, having announced …

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The mysterious case of the disappearing electric nosewheels


Fitting electric nosewheels to aircraft could reduce weight and improve efficiency – so where are they? Aircraft ground manoeuvring wastes energy. With gas turbines running inefficiently at minimum power while taxiing, or while just waiting for a slot, a typical A320/737 will consume 600 kgs of kerosene every day of …

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