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Fastned raises 8.7 million euros through bonds, shares

Source: Fastned

Dutch fast-charging operator will use funds to expand its network over the coming years Netherlands-based charging network operator Fastned has raised 7.7 million euros (US$8.6 million) over two weeks via a public issue of bonds. An initial issue was limited to 3.3 million euros, but following high demand the company’s …

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Ifbattery develops “instantly rechargeable” battery

John Cushman, Ifbattery co-founder and Purdue University distinguished professor of earth, atmospheric and planetary science and a professor of mathematics.

Purdue start-up Ifbattery believes its flow battery technology could be an EV game-changer As the electrification of transport continues apace, battery-makers and start-ups are turning even greater attention to methods of improving the charging and recharging process. Conventional thinking is that batteries must be as quick to recharge as ICE …

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Continental’s AllCharge system promises 150km in 5 minutes

Concept art for AllCharge - the bidirectional system opens up new applications for the vehicle battery.

The AllCharge system could be a USB-style solution to charging, enabling all EVs to use all infrastructure Although perhaps best known for its tyres, Continental is keen to show off its expertise in the field of electric mobility. This week saw a series of announcements for the sector. Most notably, …

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SWTCH is Airbnb for your EV

Source: SWTCH

New application from Canadian start-up connects EV drivers with any spare private charging points With the so-called “sharing economy” ever expanding, electric vehicles are already in on the ground floor. Numerous start-ups and incumbents have looked at car-sharing or rental models, a prospect which is only accelerating as autonomous technology …

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Qualcomm, Renault trial wireless charging at speed

FABRIC test track with DEVC

Halo charging technology used at speeds in excess of 100kmph It has been a big week for progress in wireless charging. The latest announcement comes from Renault and Qualcomm, who report that they have successfully demonstrated the process at “highway speeds.” Dubbed dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC), the process allows …

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Israel to test wireless ElectRoad

Source: ElectRoad

Company to install wireless inductive charging strips along Tel Aviv route It’s long been the futuristic dream, but wireless-charging roads may soon be powering electric buses and cars as they travel down the street. The Israeli government is collaborating with local start-up ElectRoad to install its technology on a public …

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Argentina to expand EV imports, charging network


Tariffs to be cut on selected brands, as ABB and YPF lead a build out of fast chargers Argentina is to reduce import taxes on EVs and expand access to fast-chargers across the country as part of efforts to increase low-carbon transport. Currently taxes on imported electric vehicles and hybrids …

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Fremont to make all new homes EV-friendly

Tesla Solar Roof. Source: Tesla

Solar panels and charging stations will be required on all new developments The City of Fremont, California, perhaps best known for being home to Tesla’s vehicle assembly plant, is following in the footsteps of its most famous corporate resident. A new ordinance passed by Fremont City Council on May 3 …

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