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The mysterious case of the disappearing electric nosewheels


Fitting electric nosewheels to aircraft could reduce weight and improve efficiency – so where are they? Aircraft ground manoeuvring wastes energy. With gas turbines running inefficiently at minimum power while taxiing, or while just waiting for a slot, a typical A320/737 will consume 600 kgs of kerosene every day of …

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The Case for High MPGe Hydrogen FCEVs and Clustered H2 Stations (Hydrogen Cars Now)

Kevin Kantola attempts to two viable solutions to the expense of expanding hydrogen refuelling infrastructure for FCEVs. The first is to build hydrogen powered cars with a high MPGE as according to the Huffington Post, the average new vehicle mpg in 2014 was 24.1. According to FuelEconomy.gov the Mirai receives …

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