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eFusion prototype: Siemens packs battery power

330LE with Siemens motor tows glider. Copyright: Jean-Marie Urlacher

  To move from fantastical prototype to commercial aircraft, the e-Fusion hybrid-electric plane could do more to ensure fast charging In a new video, Siemens has showcased the speedy ‘recharging’ of its eFusion hybrid-electric aircraft prototype. Siemens joined up with French-owned multinational Airbus in April last year to develop a …

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Alta Motors closes US$27m funding round

Source: Alta Motors

California motorcycle and battery manufacturer keen to grow with new capital Alta Motors, the company behind the Redshift electric dirtbike featured last month, has its eyes on expansion. The company has announced the closure of a US$27 million financing round via the issuance of preferred stock. In addition to fuelling …

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Ifbattery develops “instantly rechargeable” battery

John Cushman, Ifbattery co-founder and Purdue University distinguished professor of earth, atmospheric and planetary science and a professor of mathematics.

Purdue start-up Ifbattery believes its flow battery technology could be an EV game-changer As the electrification of transport continues apace, battery-makers and start-ups are turning even greater attention to methods of improving the charging and recharging process. Conventional thinking is that batteries must be as quick to recharge as ICE …

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