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Toyota to spend $35M in AI production effort but will it be worth it for batteries?

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell
Source: Toyota

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI), founded in 2015, will be collaborating with research groups and universities after investing $35 million on the use of AIs to accelerate design and materials. The team hope that the results will greatly contribute to Toyota’s vision of reducing the CO2 emissions from new vehicles, …

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Rumours abound over Nissan battery unit sale

AESC's Leaf Battery Pack

Recent reports suggest that Nissan could be offloading its majority stake in battery manufacturing unit Automotive Energy Supply Corporation Fierce competition over the production of better and cheaper lithium-ion batteries is beginning to take its toll on some of the automotive sector’s biggest players. According to an August 5 report …

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Jaguar design head praises EV “reinvention”

Jaguar's F-Pace serves as a rough blueprint for the E-Pace EV, expected to launch in 2018.

In recent comments to Autocar, Jaguar’s director of design Ian Callum extoled the possibilities of the electric powertrain, allowing designers to “reinvent the car.” “The opportunities an electric powertrain offers are huge, especially in terms of the space for occupants. By removing so much of the mechanical hardware and placing …

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