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Rice Uni tests hybrid graphene battery

A graphic shows carbon nanotubes covalently bonded to a graphene substrate. The material created at Rice University is being tested as an anode for high-capacity lithium metal batteries. Source Tour Group  / Rice University

Researchers solve dendrite problem and add energy density with new anode made of graphene and carbon nanotubes Rice University scientists have reportedly created a rechargeable lithium-metal battery with three times the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by resolving the problem of dendrite growth. The Rice battery stores lithium in a unique …

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Grant secures Caltrain electrification

Source: Caltrain

San Francisco-San Jose route is expected to run electric trains by 2021 May 22 saw the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) confirm that it will provide a Full Funding Grant Agreement, committing US$647 million to electrify a major train route in California. The route, which connects central San Francisco to …

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NRL flies solar UAV

Research flight crew (l-r) Dan Edwards and Trent Young (not shown: Chris Bovais, Sam Carter, Matthew Kelly, and Dave Scheiman). (NRL)

Project to fly surveillance UAV using PV array and battery shows progress Researchers at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Vehicle Research Section and Photovoltaic Section are building on the proven concept of autonomous cooperative soaring of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Their research has paired solar photovoltaics (PV) with “autonomous …

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Australia launches Electric Vehicle Council

Minister Paul Fletcher at the Electric Vehicle Council Launch

National organisation will track EV sales and raise consumer awareness A new national body aimed at increasing the uptake of EVs in Australia was officially launched in Canberra on Monday May 22. The Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) is an industry-led organisation representing and coordinating the EV industry in Australia. According …

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Little e.Go, big impact

e.Go Life. Source: e.Go

German start-up to make low-cost urban EV for launch in Germany early next year The four-seater compact e.Go Life is the latest affordable urban electric car from Germany – and despite its diminutive size, it could make a big splash in the city-focused EV market. Similar in design and strategy …

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Qualcomm, Renault trial wireless charging at speed

FABRIC test track with DEVC

Halo charging technology used at speeds in excess of 100kmph It has been a big week for progress in wireless charging. The latest announcement comes from Renault and Qualcomm, who report that they have successfully demonstrated the process at “highway speeds.” Dubbed dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC), the process allows …

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Israel to test wireless ElectRoad

Source: ElectRoad

Company to install wireless inductive charging strips along Tel Aviv route It’s long been the futuristic dream, but wireless-charging roads may soon be powering electric buses and cars as they travel down the street. The Israeli government is collaborating with local start-up ElectRoad to install its technology on a public …

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Daymak promises Tesla-beating go-kart

Daymak Blast C5 Go-Kart (PRNewsfoto/Daymak)

The company has designed its go-kart to reach 0-60mph in 1.5 seconds, trouncing even a Model S P100D Beating a Tesla Model S P100D to 60mph is no easy feat. Attempting to do it in a go-kart is damned crazy. Yet that is what Canadian personal EV maker Daymak is …

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New agreement for China’s ninth EV plant

NEVS and Iconiq sign the deal. Source: NEVS

As NEVS and Iconiq partner up, they join eight other companies manufacturing EVs, which are increasingly looking beyond the Chinese border China is putting its energy into electric cars in a big way, but is it all for show? The country has a history of backing incredible megaprojects that can …

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Leclanché goes after marine market


Swiss battery maker secures DNV certification for MRS marine battery Leclanché has launched a new type of battery aimed at marine applications. The company’s Marine Rack System (MRS) is a modular, Lithium-ion battery system intended to reduce emissions and the operational costs of marine vessels. Reportedly, the MRS is the …

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NIO EP9 smashes Nurburgring record…again

Source: NIO

EP9 supercar once again breaks records on famous German race track A new update from NIO suggests the company’s reputation as an EV supercar pioneer is assured. May 12 saw NIO’s flagship EP9 set another new lap record at Germany’s Nürburgring Nordschleife, managing the course in an unprecedented 6 minutes, …

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Aluminium to change battery game

Electrans 1917

Rapid charge, long-life batteries made from low-cost and abundant aluminium are set to emerge from research led by Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Unveiled at the All Energy event in Glasgow, aluminium ion batteries could displace the lead-acid batteries commonly found in automotive applications in just two years. Developed …

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Proterra announces new electric bus innovations

High altitude! Park City shows support for new Proterra additions to bus fleet. 
Source: Deseret News

US Electric bus manufacturer, Proterra, has launched a new diagnostic tool which its claims will increase the efficiency and daily operation of its buses. The company also announced a special package designed to allow its vehicles to function better in cold weather. A new digital support platform for electric buses has …

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Visedo highlights inverter innovation


Electrical engineering firm highlights electric ferry equipment, signs new deal with TECO There have been a number of high-profile projects to electrify large marine vessels in recent months. However, the trend has yet to trickle down into smaller vessels. According to Finnish electrical engineering firm Visedo, the problem is mainly …

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Argentina to expand EV imports, charging network


Tariffs to be cut on selected brands, as ABB and YPF lead a build out of fast chargers Argentina is to reduce import taxes on EVs and expand access to fast-chargers across the country as part of efforts to increase low-carbon transport. Currently taxes on imported electric vehicles and hybrids …

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