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NRL experiments with Ni-Zn “sponge” batteries

Debra R. Rolison, Jeffrey W. Long, and Joseph F. Parker were recognized June 22, 2016 by now-acting Secretary of the Navy Sean J. Stackley (far left), and Delores Etter (far right) with Dr. Delores M. Etter Awards.
U.S. Navy photos by Matthew Poynor.

3-D zinc anode architecture mitigates safety issues seen in li-ion cells Researchers from the Navy Research Laboratory’s (NRL) Advanced Electrochemical Materials group are leading an effort to create an entire family of safer, water-based, zinc batteries. The team has demonstrated a breakthrough for nickel–zinc (Ni–Zn) batteries in which a three-dimensional …

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Toyota to spend $35M in AI production effort but will it be worth it for batteries?

Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell
Source: Toyota

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI), founded in 2015, will be collaborating with research groups and universities after investing $35 million on the use of AIs to accelerate design and materials. The team hope that the results will greatly contribute to Toyota’s vision of reducing the CO2 emissions from new vehicles, …

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