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NanoFlowcell to premiere new concept car at Geneva Motor Show


The Quant48Volt will purportedly feature an super-efficient electrolyte liquid flow battery Since 2009, having appeared at the Geneva Motor Show with an experimental solar concept car, NanoFlowcell has been an enigmatic presence at the fringes of EV design. The Liechtenstein-based company has developed a number of unusual concept cars since …

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Cambridge research could unlock graphene superconductors


New paper suggests that coupling graphene with another material could enable it to superconduct, opening up applications in computing and energy storage Since its discovery in 2004, scientists have believed that graphene may have the innate ability to superconduct. Now Cambridge researchers have found a way to activate that previously …

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Proterra unveils bigger battery bus

Proterra Catalyst XR

Silicon Valley manufacturer aims to improves bus range through battery innovation Proterra, a manufacturer of battery electric buses in North America, has revealed a new battery design for use in its transit vehicles. The design for the Proterra Catalyst® XR vehicle was announced at the American Public Transportation Association Bus …

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Cambridge University Talks about New Lithium Graphene Oxygen Battery

Cambridge University has announced progress (small) towards a Lithium/Graphene/Oxygen battery that might substantially increase energy density, narrow the voltage drop, and provide more cycles.  As usual, the press hype runs a few decades ahead of the reality (“London to Edinburgh on one charge”), but there is some progress here. http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/new-design-points-a-path-to-the-ultimate-battery …

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