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Back from the Future: wireless charging moves closer to commercial reality

Source: ElectRoad

A number of companies are seeking to “cut the cord” and eliminate the hurdles of wireless charging for EVs EVs are soon to become a major part of virtually everybody’s life, but let’s face it – today’s electric transport is still plagues by what seem insurmountable concerns over driving range, …

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Qualcomm, Renault trial wireless charging at speed

FABRIC test track with DEVC

Halo charging technology used at speeds in excess of 100kmph It has been a big week for progress in wireless charging. The latest announcement comes from Renault and Qualcomm, who report that they have successfully demonstrated the process at “highway speeds.” Dubbed dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC), the process allows …

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Israel to test wireless ElectRoad

Source: ElectRoad

Company to install wireless inductive charging strips along Tel Aviv route It’s long been the futuristic dream, but wireless-charging roads may soon be powering electric buses and cars as they travel down the street. The Israeli government is collaborating with local start-up ElectRoad to install its technology on a public …

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Toshiba completes wireless charging trial

Toshiba wireless charging pads

Japanese electronics giant announces results of year-long test Toshiba has published results from field tests of its wireless rapid rechargeable battery system, in conjunction with electric buses. It stated that the trials, carried out with Waseda University, show that using these buses in place of standard diesel buses could cut …

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Wireless charging on the fly


Researchers at Imperial College London successfully test wireless charging for drones batteries – whilst they are airborne Scientists have demonstrated a “highly efficient” method for wirelessly transferring power to a drone while it is flying. The breakthrough could, in theory, allow flying drones to stay airborne indefinitely – simply hovering over …

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Mercedes-Benz unveils new all-electric EQ range at Paris Motor Show

Generation EQ, Exterieur, Studio,  „Black Panel“-Frontgrill ;

Generation EQ, exterior, studio, "Black Panel" front grille;

The German company’s announcement of the ‘Generation EQ’ SUV throws down the gauntlet to Tesla Mercedes-Benz announced its new all-electric brand at last week’s Paris Motor Show, marking the German manufacturer’s first foray into developing own-brand electric vehicles. The new range of cars – dubbed EQ, or Electric Intelligence – …

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