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China issues list of subsidy-approved EVs

BYD e6 - By anthonares http://www.flickr.com/photos/anthonares/4300253787/sizes/o/, CC BY-SA 2.0,

China has published a list of EV models which are approved to receive state subsidies, including those using batteries made by South Korean firms batteries China has released a new list of recommended clean energy vehicles. This would allow 185 car models to get government subsidies. Cheating in the government …

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UK Universities are 3-D printing lighter, brighter car parts


The Functional Lattices for Automotive Components (FLAC) project, supported by the Universities of Nottingham and Liverpool, hopes to develop lightweight, highly efficient vehicle components The three-year project, backed by US$2.14 million of funding, will investigate how components such as brake calipers, heat sinks for LED headlights, and power train sub-systems …

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