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Cummins hauls e-truck into pole position

Cummins Class 7 Urban Hauler

Powertrain manufacturer Cummins unveils class-7 electric Hauler As Tesla, Nikola One and others set their sights on bringing electrifying the long-haul trucking sector, engine manufacturer Cummins has also joined the race. At an event in Ohio earlier this week the manufacturer revealed its first fully-electric class 7 demonstration Urban Hauler …

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Cenex LCV event to showcase autonomous, connected technologies

Cenex-LCV 2015

New CAV technologies to feature in exhibition and seminars of the low-carbon vehicle event Cenex, a UK-based research and consultancy group, has announced that connected and autonomous vehicles will feature heavily at its 10th Cenex-LCV2017 event next week. The Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV), a joint policy unit …

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Philadelphia appoints Electric Vehicle Policy Task Force

City Hall, Philadelphia

The panel will guide future policy EV use and low-carbon transport in the city “EVs are becoming progressively more common in Philadelphia, but increased EV use raises many complex questions,” said Michael Carroll, Deputy Managing Director for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems. “Drawing from a broad and diverse range of stakeholders, …

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Shine ion, crazy diamonds

Drexel researchers have reported that adding nanodiamonds to the electrolyte solution in lithium batteries can prevent the formation of dendrites, the tendril-like deposits of ions that can grow inside a battery over time and cause hazardous malfunctions. (Photo courtesy of Drexel University and Tsinghua University).

Drexel University is using nanodiamond solutions to prevent dendrite formation, creating safer batteries Researchers at Drexel University in Philadelphia have developed a new electrolyte solution that can also safeguard against short circuiting in li-ion batteries. Although the key technology driving battery-powered transport (and other consumer goods), the process of charging …

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