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ABB electric fast chargers creating a greener Gothenburg

Public transport operator GS Buss has ordered fast chargers from ABB

ABB has won an order to supply high-power electric chargers for 30 fully electric buses in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden, a city committed to the development and testing of solutions for sustainable public transport. The chargers from ABB will be delivered during the summer of 2019, with operations due to start in October. Financial details of the order were not disclosed.

The long-term vision for the city is that a greater number of electric buses will drive in its streets. Key to achieving this is the electrification of line 60, one of the busiest bus lines in Gothenburg, together with lines 59 and 62. This will lead to lower emissions of environmentally harmful substances and a quieter and calmer urban environment for city inhabitants. During 2018, almost 6.9 million trips were made on line 60 and approximately 780, 000 trips on lines 59 and 62.

Deploying electric buses requires new charging infrastructure. The buses on line 60 will be charged by 300-kW High Power chargers from ABB, a modular solution based on OppCharge, an open interface for direct current (DC) electric bus charging, which offers high-power charging via an automated rooftop connection.

The buses will be recharged in just three to six minutes in the depot in Kruthusgatan and fast charged at the endpoints of the line in Masthugget and at Redbergsplatsen.

“A stable charging infrastructure is crucial for our timetable, with the bus service running every fourth minute in the rush hour. By fast charging at the endpoints, we ensure traffic continues to flow and at the same time provide our passengers and drivers with a better environment with less noise and improved air quality,” said business line manager for GS Buss Dan Paulström.

“We are proud to work together with GS Buss to deliver a stronger e-mobility infrastructure for the future of Gothenburg. ABB is committed to powering the world without consuming the earth and the development of sustainable public transport solutions is key in achieving this,” said head of ABB’s global business for EV charging infrastructure Frank Muehlon.

With its innovative ABB Ability offering of digital solutions and services across all business areas, ABB is a leader in digital industries. Forming part of the ABB Ability portfolio of digital solutions, the high-power chargers also allow for better visibility and control of infrastructure networks, minimising downtime and increasing efficiency. ABB Ability delivers web-enabled connectivity that allows network operators to perform several functions, including the remote monitoring and configuration of charge points.

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