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AEP launches program to put electric car charging stations across region

AEP Ohio is setting aside US$10 million to help bring hundreds more electric vehicle charging stations statewide

AEP Ohio, an American Electric Power company, has announced an incentive program to encourage the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at public sites, workplaces and apartment complexes. The US$10 million program provides funding for up to 375 EV charging stations throughout the AEP Ohio service territory.

The program will provide AEP Ohio and others with information about how EV charging is utilised by Ohio customers. The goal of the program is to encourage EV charging in a number of different settings and learn how they are utilised by customers. This information will help inform how charging stations are deployed throughout the AEP Ohio territory, across the state, and the nation.

“AEP Ohio is leading the charge on expanding electric vehicle adoption among our customers,” said Julie Sloat, AEP Ohio, President and COO. “EVs offer a number of benefits for their owners, the environment, and they have the potential to shift how we think about mobility. Our program is a unique opportunity to learn how the availability of public and workplace charging impacts the decision to make the switch to an electric vehicle.”

The program helps participants by offsetting a portion of their charging equipment and installation costs. Maximum amounts vary based on the type of station, the type of owner, and the public’s ability to access the station. Local governments installing publicly-available charging stations may be able to do so with no cost after participating in the program.

Local governments, businesses and apartment complex owners interested in providing EV charging are encouraged to apply for the program. Applicants must be commercial or industrial customers in the AEP Ohio service territory. Complete program details and application materials are available at www.aepohio.com/evcharge.

This program was created in partnership with Smart Columbus and additional groups in support of the US$10 million grant awarded to Columbus by the Paul G. Allen Philanthropies as the winner of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge. Using data to develop a regional perspective of transportation is a cornerstone of the Smart Columbus program, and information collected through this EV charging program will help cities and regions around the country develop their own EV charging initiatives.

“AEP Ohio’s charging program represents an unprecedented utility investment and commitment in electric vehicle charging and future mobility,” said Alex Fischer, president and CEO of The Columbus Partnership. “The program will measurably benefit the objectives of Smart Columbus and will serve as a model for cities working to prepare for a smarter, more sustainable future.”

AEP Ohio established a list of compatible charging equipment that participating parties must use when applying for incentives under the program. This equipment offers the necessary features to provide the information the program intends to collect.

Interested parties should apply to the program before committing to construction or installing stations. Participants are encouraged to express their interest in the program as soon as possible. Funds will be made available in three waves, beginning in fall 2018 and continuing through spring 2019. AEP Ohio staff will be available to offer assistance to parties interested in the program. Eligibility for funding is limited to stations which have been approved by the program administrator and installed after August 15, 2018.

Source: AEP Ohio

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