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AEV Technologies launches new category of EVs

AEV Technologies’ new AEV 311 is a three-wheeled EV that is street legal

AEV Technologies, designer and manufacturer of compact, light-duty emissions-free electric vehicles for urban commercial, consumer and government markets, has announced the launch of a new EV category with the release of the AEV 311.

Now available for order, the street legal, three-wheeled inline two-seater is AEV’s 100% emissions-free, multi-purpose commuter vehicle designed to address the unique needs of urban, campus and community transportation.

Due to urban congestion and natural resource depletion, the US is experiencing a significant increase in demand for efficient and sustainable transportation solutions. AEV’s line of vehicles features a compact design that makes them easy to drive, manoeuver through traffic and fit in almost any parking spot.

“The sustainability of AEV’s line of vehicles provides a tremendous opportunity for environmentally conscious consumers, as well as public and private organisations seeking new cost effective, clean energy fleet alternatives,” said AEV Technologies CEO Rod Keller. “Our vehicles address a multitude of end user needs and use case possibilities for urban dwellers, retirement and gated community residents, city government and utilities, universities, business campuses, resorts and on-demand, last mile delivery.”

Assembled in Texas, utilising automotive-grade, DOT-compliant parts and with speeds up to 50 mph, AEV’s high-quality EVs are light, efficient and purpose-built to meet the exacting needs of each customer, making them the vehicles of choice for transportation of people, goods and food across a diverse range of high-growth markets.

“AEV’s electric vehicles require significantly less maintenance and are more affordable to acquire or lease, delivering a lower cost of ownership when compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles. In fact, fleet and consumer users can save up to 50% annually by switching over to an AEV all-electric vehicle,” said AEV Technologies chief of operations, product development and quality Bruce Riggs. “The ‘last mile’ delivery industry, including on-demand food and package delivery services, is primed for disruption. Our vehicles offer parcel and food delivery fleets significant savings when compared to conventional gas-powered vehicles.”

All AEV vehicles offer the conveniences of traditional automobiles, including standard steering wheels, controls and braking/acceleration pedals. Each vehicle can be customised with personalised or templated acrylic body wrap designs, equipping both B2B and B2C customers with additional corporate or individual branding opportunities.

In September 2017, AEV’s all-electric utility truck, the 411, was selected by Circuit of the Americas, the US’s premier destination for professional motor sports and entertainment, to provide on-site logistical support for competitions and day-to-day operations.

“AEV’s 411 and 311 models have proven themselves to be indispensable in supporting both major events and daily operations at Circuit of the Americas. Their size, versatility, range, and price point make the EVs ideal for maintenance and facility support for our 1,300-acre campus,” said Circuit of the Americas director of sustainability Edgar Farrera. “Additionally, because the EVs operate quietly and with zero emissions, they can be utilised on event days without exposing our fans and guests to the noise and fumes that accompany internal combustion vehicles.”

AEV continues to strategically expand its dealer partner programme in the US and internationally. As one of the fastest growing 100% electric vehicle companies in the US, AEV’s dealer programme is highly collaborative and offers measurable market development and margin opportunities.

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