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Air Products fuel in CA now below US$10/Kg

Technical advancements and a reported increase in service users pushes H2 prices down

Air Products announced that it has achieved a pricing milestone at several California fueling stations, which are now offering hydrogen to fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) customers at under US$10 per kilogram. Advancements in fueling technology, and a greater volume of vehicles who now use the stations, have been important factors in allowing pricing to move to US$9.99 per kg.

“There were several recent advancements we were able to make in fueling station technology and in distribution to push pricing below $10 per kilogram. There has also been a marked increase in vehicles using our stations, and an even greater outlook for the volume of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to be coming to market in 2017 and 2018,” said Ed Kiczek, global business director – Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products.

Currently there are five Air Products California hydrogen fueling stations able to provide hydrogen at this new price. The five stations are all supplied with hydrogen from Air Products’ production and pipeline-connected facilities in Wilmington and Carson, California. The stations with the new pricing are located in West Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Fairfax, Santa Monica, and the fifth is soon-to-be operational in Lawndale.

Several Air Products sites today are fueling at rates of over 75,000 refills per year, the company says. Use of the company’s fueling technology is increasing and accounts for over 1,000,000 hydrogen fills per year. The company has been involved in over 200 hydrogen fueling projects in the US and 20 countries worldwide, including China.

Source: Air Products


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