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Akasol battery to power Evobus Citaro E-CELL

EvoBus Citaro

Germany’s Akasol supplies lithium-ion battery systems for Daimler subsidiary EvoBus

EvoBus’ new electric bus model, the Citaro, will be launched in September 2018, and will be equipped with up to ten of Akasol’s AKASYSTEM OEM battery packs, the manufacturers have announced.

“We’re working on this together with Akasol’s experts. Based on the specifications we have developed together, they manufacture battery systems for us with cells from Samsung,” confirms Gustav Tuschen, Head of Product Engineering Daimler Buses and a member of the EvoBus management team. “The batteries are being tempered at about 25°C. With this we expect maximum charging capacity, performance and lifetime.”

Akasol opened a production plant for commercial vehicle lithium-ion battery systems in Langen, Germany in autumn 2017, with a capacity to produce up to 300 MWh per year.

The Akasol battery systems for EvoBus have been developed and tested since 2015. “It was a great challenge for our company to meet Daimler’s high requirements on one of the most important components of electric power trains. I say this not just with regard to developing the product, but also considering the needs of serial production,” commented Akas Sven Schulz, Managing Director of Akasol .

The Citaro bus with electric drive will have an operating range of 150 kilometres (SORT2 cycles, medium traffic). The battery systems are built to charge fast and also supply additional units such as air conditioning and electrical systems. The battery packs, between 6 and 10, are installed partly on the roof, but also in the rear, in place of the diesel engine.

“The key factor for meeting our client’s demands on lifetime is our efficient water-cooling. Tempering has been shown to work efficiently and reliably both in winter tests in the north of Sweden where it was incredibly cold as well as on summer drives in the dry desert heat in southern Spain,” added Schulz.

Electric buses fitted with Akasol’s battery technology are already in operation in London, Berlin, Braunschweig and Cologne.

Source: Akasol


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