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Alfa Power launch UK’s first 120-kW EV charger

Alfa Power’s 120-kW charger doubles it previous UK record of 60 kW

Alfa Power has installed and tested its latest charger, and the specifications have been calibrated to achieve 120 kW. For now, Alfa Power has decided to cap the supply at 100 kW.

The ultra-fast charger will be unlocked to achieve its full potential when the market requires. The ultra-fast charger underwent a successful live test at the public launch event and will be available for public use via the My Alfa Power network in the very near future.

Local MP Andrea Jenkyns pushed the button that launched a new cluster of sites that went live on the growing network of electric vehicle chargers on the Alfa Power network.

With the launch of a 120-kW charger, Alfa Power has broken their own UK record of 60 kW, effectively doubling the capacity available to EV drivers in the UK.

Alfa Power officially launched the 120-kW charger at their special event in Morley. The newly installed charging point is located in Leeds, on Bristol Street by Sheepscar junction off the A61, making it an ideal location for motorists who need to charge their vehicle without having to enter the busy route to Leeds city centre.

Alfa Power’s newest installation is strategically positioned within the new clean air zone in Leeds, which allows the business to contribute clean fuel options for motorists in the area.

In September, Alfa Power broke the long-standing industry Rapid charging benchmark of 50 kW with its 60-kW upgradable rapid charger at Crown Service Station Brighouse.

Since the launch of their first 60-kW charger the business has launched many more sites at this new benchmark, and this time the aim was to exceed that record at their multi-site launch.

Like the 60-kW rapid charger, the 120-kW ultra-fast charger offers simultaneous AC and DC charging options. Both these Alfa Power chargers are capable not only of quick charging but also simultaneously charging up to four vehicles together. Unlike any other charger in the UK market this unit offers both DC delivery options (CCS and CHAdeMO) to be used simultaneously as well as Rapid AC type 2 delivery at 43 kW and an open type 2 socket that is capable of up to 22 kW charging.

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