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Alizeti launches e-bike conversion kit

Alizeti 300C

Canada’s Alizeti Kickstarts its easy-to-install e-bike conversion system

As well as the growth of new fully-equipped e-bikes, many manufacturers are also targeting existing cyclists keen to make a quick jump into e-powered riding.

Quebec-based Alizeti has now launched one solution that allows cyclists to repurpose existing bikes and convert them into full-featured electric bikes.

The Alizeti 300C is all-in-one, rack-mounted e-bike conversion system, which is installed in much the same manner as a rear-wheel bike rack.

Weighing 5.4 kg, it also claims to be among the lightest such conversion systems. Propulsion comes from a 500-watt drive motor which provides a speed of up to 20 mph (32 km/h). This is powered by a lightweight 278 Wh, 24V li-ion battery.

An additional port allows riders to insert a second battery and instantly double range from 32 km to 64 km. Depending on the preferred riding style, riders can choose between pedal assist, throttle and cruise mode, and are in complete control of their riding experience. Extra range can also be squeezed out through regenerative braking, while a 50W charger will refill each pack within 5 hours.

A built-in alarm system protects the system from tampering or theft, and it remains the only conversion system that includes an integrated Bluetooth sound system.

“We have gone a step beyond the conversion systems available today by integrating features such as LED night driving lights, automatic rear brake lights, a horn, and turn signals to make cyclists more visible, so they can ride safely wherever they go, day or night,” said Alizeti president and founder Louis Viglione.

The system is currently priced at US$849 (although early bird Kickstarters can get it for much less), which puts it at the higher end of the e-bike motor market, but much lower than a full e-bike itself. Plus, it allows riders to keep their current model.

Alizeti says its patent-pending platform will also feature other accessories already in the works, such as a mobile phone app, e-lock and more.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 300C at the beginning of April, where early customers and dealers can benefit from steep discounts while supplies last. You can see more about the system in the video below:


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