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Alstom wins Europe 1 Mobility Trophy for hydrogen train

Alstom Coradia iLint

Hydrogen-powered Coradia iLint train wins European future mobility award

Alstom has been awarded the Mobility Trophy for Coradia iLint, its hydrogen train, in the context of the French leading radio Europe 1 Trophies of the Future.

“Alstom is very proud to be awarded this trophy today. We strongly believe in the future of hydrogen trains, a technology that aims to replace the diesel trains in circulation on European networks. Coradia iLint is the outcome of five years of development by our engineers in France and Germany,” said Thierry Best, Chief Operating Officer of Alstom, at the award ceremony.

The Coradia iLint is the world’s first low-floor passenger train powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The first two trains are currently undergoing tests in Germany and are expected to transport their first passengers in the second half of 2018 in Lower Saxony, the first region to have ordered 14 hydrogen trains.

Coradia iLint was designed by Alstom’s teams in Germany at Salzgitter, a centre of excellence for regional trains, and in France, notably Tarbes, a centre of excellence dedicated to traction systems and Ornans for the engines, with the contribution of the sites of Villeurbanne and Saint-Ouen.

Coradia iLint belongs to Alstom‘s Coradia range of modular trains, which benefit from knowhow spanning more than 30 years and proven technical solutions. More than 2,400 Coradia trains have been sold to date, and 1,900 are presently circulating in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Canada.

The 2018 Europe 1 Trophies of the Future recognise men and women researchers, students, entrepreneurs, writers, citizens and elected representatives who, through their actions, contribute actively to the construction of a sustainable and harmonious society.

Source: Alstom


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