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Alternet Systems updates ReVolt Motorcycle programme

The BMW R71 prototype

Alternet Systems is developing an electric version of the classic BMW R71

Alternet Systems has released an online presentation on the company’s ongoing ReVolt Electric Motorcycle pilot programme.

In April of this year, Alternet announced the launch of the ReVolt Electric Motorbikes subsidiary as part of the company’s strategic plan to develop, commercialise and expand its portfolio of advanced energy storage technology.

Alternet is building technology and application partnerships to develop and implement sustainable energy storage solutions for high impact operating environments.

Alternet is applying its portfolio of lithium battery technologies to empower commercially viable, environmentally sustainable alternatives to existing consumer markets.  ReVolt has partnered with a manufacturing company to first produce a motorcycle based on the 1930’s BMW R71 motorcycle with a sidecar utilised by the German Army in WWII.

The ReVolt Classic Electric Motorbike with Sidecar will be powered by an electric motor utilising an Alternet Systems designed lithium battery solution.

The long-term object of ReVolt Electric Motorbikes is to become a leader in the production of electric motorbikes as daily drivers in the developing economic regions of the world were motorcycles, scooters and mopeds are the primary mode of transportation.

With a manufacturing capacity established and a lithium battery technology on the market, ReVolt Electric Motorbikes plans to begin delivering a line of daily driver electric motorbikes to developing economic regions.

ReVolt is evaluating a variety of electric motors and working with different lithium battery technologies to design the optimum integrated electric powered solution.  An electric powered retrofit design for the gas-powered motorcycles is underway.

Once complete, the pilot electric powered motorcycle will undergo further testing and evaluation.  The final specifications of the retrofit design will be conveyed to the manufacture and a first production sample will be ordered for further evaluation.

Management is satisfied that the pilot programe remains on track for having limited production capacity in place to deliver the first retro-designed ReVolt electric motorcycles ready for this holiday season.

Source: Alternet Systems

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