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Artisan’s Z40 e-truck to revolutionise mining sector

Artisan 40-tonne Z40 electric haul truck.

The truck is considered an innovation in the mining industry as it exceeded initial capacity expectations and design restrictions

California-based Artisan Vehicles has revealed the world’s first battery-powered 40-tonne underground haul truck at its service centre in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.

The Z40 haul truck is the smallest in size but the largest in capacity truck available on the market. It produces zero carbon emissions and generates only 1/8th the heat of its diesel equivalent. That also means it can operate in spaces designed for much smaller trucks.

It is powered by 4 electric motors which output 600HP while minimising brake-drag, thus extending battery life and efficiency. The maximum horsepower enabled by the all-electric drive system is almost double that of a comparable diesel machine. The charging process is optimised with system in place which loads and unloads the battery without the need of assisting hoisting equipment.

Moreover, regenerative braking means energy is recaptured when transporting large loads downhill – a feature which can revolutionise operation economics in heavy industries like mining. Artisan also lists a battery swapping feature in its materials.

“The Z40 is a game changer for our Macassa mine site,” said Tony Makuch, CEO of Kirkland Lake Gold. “Being able to haul significantly more ore in each truckload means more production with a smaller truck fleet. This truck is a critical part of our expansion plans here in Kirkland Lake.”

The Z40 Haul Truck has brought about a new era in underground hard rock mining. The underground working conditions are healthier and benefit from less strain on mine’s ventilation and cooling systems.

“It’s been a busy year for Artisan,” said Mike Kasaba, Artisan’s CEO. “We are astonished and thankful for the reception we have received both locally and throughout the mining industry. It’s clear that the mining industry is ready for the transformation that we are enabling.”


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