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Aston Martin to go all-electric

Aston Martin RapidE

UK luxury sports car-maker Aston Martin to pursue full electrification by the end of the next decade

James Bond is going electric.

Iconic British luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin, the favourite of the fictional 007, says all of its cars will be 100% electric by the end of the next decade – and fully hybrid by the mid-2020s.

It follows a similar strategy announced by Volvo in July, in which the Geely-owned manufacturer said it would only be producing vehicles with an electric motor from 2019. Despite its enthusiasm for EVs, Aston Martin’s goal is not quite as prescriptive; while every model range will offer hybrid or full-electric options, AutoExpress reports that the company will continue to produce and sell ICE vehicles in the meantime.

By 2030 however, Aston Martin expects that 25% of its range will be purely electric.

Company CEO Andy Palmer also indicated, in an interview with the Financial Times, that the company will develop the technologies in-house: “You need to keep core technology inside the company. That’s why we make our own V12 engine. We believe that EVs are a core technology, and therefore we want to do them ourselves.”

While battery cells will be bought from the supply chain, Palmer said that packs and motors would be developed in the UK.

In June, the UK car-maker had announced that its first EV, the RapidE, will go on sale in 2019 in an exclusive production run of just 155 vehicles.

Based upon the forthcoming Rapide AMR concept, the RapidE is a four-door sports car with the stylings of the company’s Rapide S, and all-electric powertrain which replaces the six-litre V12 engine. Oxfordshire-based Williams Advanced Engineering is the company’s lead engineering partner – the same firm that helped developed the original 2015 RapidE concept – and will be tasked with building the powertrain.


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