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Australia’s Bassendean installs first EV charger

Bassendean’s chargers is free to use for all EV users

An electric vehicle charging station was launched on December 1 in the Australian town of Bassendean by Mayor Renée McLennan at the James Street Public Carpark adjacent to the BIC Reserve, Bassendean.

At the launch, the mayor said “This is an important step in our town’s ongoing commitment as a local government leader in sustainable initiatives to promote the use of electric vehicles within our community.”

“Electric vehicles produce zero exhaust emissions, cause less noise pollution, have lower running costs over conventional petrol or diesel cars and are better for the environment especially when charged from renewable energy sources.”

“Although Australia is currently lagging behind many other countries in the uptake of electric vehicles, in the next few years we will see many more on our streets as electric vehicle technology establishes a cost advantage over internal combustion cars.”

“Research has shown that the most significant barrier to Australian’s going electric is the current lack of public recharging facilities. Increasing access to electric charging stations will make it an easier choice for our community to invest in electric vehicles whilst also helping to reduce our carbon footprint.”

The electric car charger is available free of charge, 24/7, and is capable of supporting both type 1 and type 2 charging cables.

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