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Australia’s Ginninderry receives first EV charging station

The charging station is just outside the Australian Capital Territory of Canberra

An ActewAGL electric vehicle charging station, the first to service Australia’s West Belconnen and the first of several planned for the Ginninderry development, has been launched by Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Shane Rattenbury.

“This is an important step in our ongoing commitment as a world leader in renewable energy and to the ACT’s Transition to Zero Emissions Vehicle Action Plan, which was launched in April this year,” Rattenbury said.

“The charging station at Strathnairn will be the first ‘fast charger’ installed for West Belconnen and the first of several public charging stations planned for the Ginninderry area.

“There are now 12 ActewAGL charging stations in the ACT from Belconnen all the way to Greenway in the south of Canberra. This network includes three rapids chargers and nine fast chargers that are all publically available and accessible for all electric vehicle makes and models.

“I congratulate ActewAGL and the Ginninderry development for partnering on this initiative to drive electric vehicle update. Ginninderry has also mandated electric vehicle charging capability for all homes within its first display village – showcasing the ease of futureproofing for electric vehicles within home design.

“Having a wide and easily accessible network of charging stations encourages Canberrans to invest in electric vehicles and help the ACT lead the way in zero emissions transport given our work towards 100% renewable electricity by 2020.

“Electric vehicles cause less air and noise pollution, have lower running costs and don’t incur any stamp duty. They also receive a 20% discount on registration fees.”

Rattenbury said the ACT government is working on a range of initiatives under the ACT’s Transition to Zero Emissions Vehicle Action Plan. The plan includes transitioning the ACT government fleet to zero emissions vehicles including spending A$450,000 (US$328,800) to install EV charging points across the region for the fleet.

It will also require all new multi-unit and mixed use developments to install vehicle charging infrastructure, as well as permitting zero emissions vehicles to drive in transit lanes until 2023 (to commence later in 2018).

The imitative also calls for working with local and state governments to facilitate the installation of charging stations on major routes to and from Canberra including routes to Sydney and coastal areas.

A recent study by insurance provider GoCompare claims that Australia has some of the developed world’s poorest EV infrastructure, with only 476 charging stations across the country, as well as a high EV-per-charging-point ratio of 15.42.

For a country as large as Australia, a well developed network of public charging points will be essential for EV adoption, in order to boost their range to deal with the vast distances Australia offers.

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