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Australia’s NTC consults on EV safety standards

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Transport Commission looks to update vehicle standards to aid emergency personnel

Interested parties have been invited to make submissions on amendments to the light and heavy vehicle standards, which include new ways to identify hydrogen and electric powered vehicles.

The amendments would require identification labels to be visible on the front and rear number plates of hydrogen and electric powered vehicles built after 1 January 2019.

National Transport Commission (NTC) chief executive Paul Retter said that the proposed changes were aimed at improving safety for emergency services personnel and other road users.

“Hydrogen and electric powered vehicles can present certain hazards during rescue scenarios and we need to ensure emergency services personnel have the right safeguards in place to protect themselves and the public,” Mr Retter said.

“We need to bring the light and heavy vehicle standards in step with existing regulations for identifying LPG and natural gas powered vehicles.”

The proposed amendments are part of a review of The Australian Light Vehicle Standards Rules 2015 and the Heavy Vehicle (Vehicle Standards) National Regulation.

The NTC “reviews the standards to ensure they remain contemporary, up to date with technology and align with the Australian Design Rules.”

Submissions can be made here until 4pm Friday, 3 February 2017.

Final recommendations will be presented to transport ministers at the Transport and Infrastructure Council meeting scheduled for May 2017.


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