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AVEVAI unveils supercapacitor-powered IONA e-LCVs

AVEVAI uses supercapacitors to increase its EVs’ range and lifespan

AVEVAI, a new B2B e-mobility and logistics solutions and technology provider based in Singapore, will launch its innovative range of IONA electric light commercial vehicles (e-LCVs) at the fifth Guangzhou International Electric Vehicles Show in China (16-25 November 2018).

Its first two models – in van and truck configurations – are setting new range and efficiency benchmarks in the e-LCV segment.

The zero-emission vehicles, designed specifically for use by delivery and service businesses, use cutting-edge supercapacitor battery hybrid technology to achieve an all-electric range of 330 km for the IONA Van and 300 km for the IONA Truck – up to 40% more than comparable e-LCVs.

Supercapacitors are able to accept and deploy electrical charge much faster than conventional batteries, and are less affected by charge and discharge cycles, thereby giving them a longer life.

The graphene-infused supercapacitor technology used by AVEVAI in its IONA models is developed by Singapore-based e-SYNERGY, a provider of environmentally-friendly smart batteries and energy management systems.

This system also extends the optimal productive life of the batteries, compared with existing products on the market. In addition to lowering the total cost of ownership, a factory warranty of five years or 200,000 km (whichever comes first) ensures that no further battery-related expenses are incurred by the vehicle owner or operator.

Vehicle down-time is also reduced with fewer charging intervals and optimal charging versatility. A 22-kW AC charging station will fully charge the IONA Truck in two hours, while the IONA Van takes less than four hours to be fully charged via a fast-charging terminal.

Standard 220-volt charging is also available. The enhanced durability and performance of the batteries is assured in extreme weather conditions, enabling battery operation in temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as +70°C.

Designed by AVEVAI in Singapore, the IONA is built on a chassis developed in an R&D facility in Stuttgart, Germany, in co-operation with Daimler and Foton. The development process incorporates all performance and safety related elements, from brakes, bearings, drive and control systems, as well as insulation and NVH, to achieve the highest international standards for quality and meet stringent European safety regulations.

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