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AxleTech, TM4 to make motor-integrated axles

AxleTech e-axle

Companies, from Michigan and Quebec, will develop heavy-duty axles with integrated electric motors

Michigan-based AxleTech International has announced a partnership with Canada’s TM4 which will see the two develop integrated electric axles (e-axles) for heavy-duty vehicles.

The former produces provides heavy-duty drivetrain systems and components to OEMs and the aftermarket in the commercial and defense sectors. As part of its Electric Drivetrain Systems product line, it is now developing e-axles with patent-pending multiple-speed gearboxes, integrated with electric motors. These systems are compact, light, quiet, and easier to integrate in the vehicle platform and chassis, presumably smoothing the road for heavy duty vehicle manufacturers looking to push into electrification.

TM4, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, manufactures electric motors, controllers, and inverters. The company’s adapted electric powertrain is designed to integrate into AxleTech’s heavy-duty planetary axles.

“TM4 is proud to cooperate with AxleTech on this new exciting program,” said Patrice Dupont, Business Development Manager at TM4. “We believe that by aligning each company’s strengths, AxleTech will bring to the market a competitive and innovative solution.”

The integrated system provides optimal packaging and operating efficiency to a range of on- and off-highway vehicles, AxleTech aims to bring these new electric axles to the market soon.

“Our customers are seeking new electric drivetrain solutions, so having industry leading partners such as TM4 enables us to jointly develop complete drivetrain systems that meet their requirements,” said Jason Gies, Business Development Manager at AxleTech.

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