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Battery Innovations Power Bolt Motorbikes (EE Times)

Innovative battery technology developed inside a San Francisco garage powers a sleek electric bicycle. Sometimes called “the Tesla of electric bicycles,” Bolt Motorbikes uses a lithium iron phosphate battery and packs proprietary features that compete with the more well-known electric car company.

“We wanted to build a bike that solves problems that we deal with every day when getting around a congested city,” said Bolt CEO Josh Rasmussen, adding that the company will be sold out of its 2016 run of bikes by the end of February. “

Each 1.68 kWH lithium iron phosphate battery has 80 cells rated for over 2,000 cycles – every Bolt bike is powered by two batteries – that can charge in five hours for an average 21 cents of electricity using a smart charger. Bolt’s batteries can last up to 10 years, with the ability to fix a broken battery in-house.

The batteries allow Bolt M-1 to reach speeds up to 40 mph with average speeds of 20 mph for a 50-mile ride, operating between 1,000 Watts and 5,500 Watts depending on mode. The bike can be geared to hit speeds of up to 60mph, but they lose torque.

The Bolt M-1 is designed for a low barrier to entry. It doesn’t require a license or registration, though its approximately $5,500 price tag might put off some users. Jauvtis and Rasmussen said the price may decrease as Bolt scales its operations, but the expect the environmentally-friendly technology to drive demand.

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