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Bike to the Future

Source: Munro Motor

Munro Motor unveils its latest retro style e-scooter in a bid to take the US market.

Beijing-based manufacturer Munro Motor could be seen happily demonstrating its latest offering, the Munro 2.0, at the Consumer Technology Association’s most recent CES conference in Las Vegas.

Specifications aside, much of the electric scooter’s appeal is based on its knowingly classic looks. Its namesake, Burt Munro, was a motorcycle land-speed record holder, while the e-scooter is influenced by the look of the archetypal Indian bike.

With the bike’s sleek, beautiful look, Munro Motor hopes to make an impact on the North American market. Despite the popularity of electric bikes and scooters in Asia, and some interest in Europe, the US is proving to be far trickier. Therefore the familiar and beloved style of a classic Indian motorcycle might come in handy for persuading American customers.

That is not to say that the bike lacks innovative features. It has been specifically designed to seamlessly interface with mobiles via USB or the Cloud, storing data on an internal microchip, and displaying via an LED panel. The paint has been covered with a specially treated UV protective coating to ensure that it will retain shine well into the future.

The Munro 2.0 has respectable statistics which place it somewhere between a standard electric bicycle and a motorbike. It boasts two removable electric battery backs, produced by Samsung and Panasonic, which hold a charge of around 2600mAh. That is equivalent to 30 miles of drive time, or 60 miles if two batteries are used. There may even be the option to upgrade to four battery packs, allowing for a distance of almost 125 miles (200 km) without re-charging. However, with no pedals and a total weight of 35kg (77 lbs), the bike’s batteries must be reliable.

The lightweight lithium-ion battery packs, made up of 18650 battery cells, are expected to last for around 5 years – while each has a 600 charge cycle life span. Considering battery power, Munro Motor told us that the 48V batteries’ “capacity is 11.6/13.2Ah. So it ranges from 0.5568kWh to 0.6336kWh.”

Source: Munro Motor
Source: Munro Motor

A Bosch electric motor drives the e-moped to a top speed of 28 mph although information on horsepower is currently unavailable. The bike also sports 4-caliper hydraulic brakes. According to TechCrunch, the ambassadors for the Munro 2.0, these features make it both suitable for use in standard bike lanes as well as urban commuting but it remains to be seen how the bike might be licensed.

Finally, the bike is affordable; the price is competitive against ICE bikes and other electric scooters. It currently retails for between $800 and $1200 for Chinese buyers and is expected to only increase by $500 for US buyers. It is hoped that the striking combination between classic and concept will spark a greater interest, with American buyers not having long to wait until the April release date.

[Updated 25th January, 2017].

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