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BMW cancels plans for i5, reports say

Leaked render of the i5. Source: GTSpirit.

No concept models and a lack of news have rumours circulating that the i5 is no more

According to reports, BMW has killed plans for its i5 electric car.

The BMW EV – also occasionally referred to as the i6 – had been seen as a potential rival to Tesla’s Tesla Model 3. However, a lack of any concept models at recent autoshows, and a dearth of news on the project would support the rumours that it has been abandoned.

BMWblog reported that BMW has scrapped its i5 plans and is instead to focus on electrifying other series models – such as the X3 SUV and 4 Series GT – and on the high-tech iNEXT model. It will also release an all-electric MINI in 2019.

The i5 had been expected to look more like non-EV BMW models, somewhere between the i3 and its existing range, and was slated to be in production before 2020.

The blog cited unnamed sources, adding, “This move will leave the i sub-brand with two models, i3 and i8, before the i8 Spyder is being added to the lineup.”

For many this will not come as a surprise. As BMW pushes further into electrification, it appears to have altered its strategy and looks to be developing a larger selection of hybrid and EV versions of its existing ranges, rather than new models from scratch (with the exception of the iNEXT).

However, the apparent disappearance of the i5 may disappoint BMW fans who have been waiting for the automaker to develop something truly competitive with Tesla’s models, and the much-anticipated Model 3. While BMW looks to be pushing electrification harder than ever, consumers will also have to wait a little longer.


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