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BMW electric C scooter goes stateside

Source: BMW

The BMW C Evolution electric maxi scooter is finally set to cross the Atlantic to US showrooms

The C Evolution electric scooter by BMW’s motorcycle unit BMW Motorrad has been sold in Europe since 2014, where it has seen mixed success (957 were sold in 2015). Now, its latest incarnation will finally make its way over to US  showrooms in California.

It isn’t cheap. Prices start at around US$13,750, and while that should guarantee a decent speed and range, this scooter is 36% more expensive than BMW’s cheapest scooter. Comparing it to other models the C 650 Sport starts at US$10,095 and the C 650 GT starts at US$10,595 it’s $3000 more than the ICEs on the market.

The vehicle can either be charged at home or at a charging point. Charging from a typical 110V cable can take up to seven hours and fifty minutes to 80% or nine hours 20 minutes to 100 percent maximum. With a 220V cable it can fully recharge in four hours.

There are three modules in the scooter and each module has twelve lithium-ion battery cells. The batteries are 94Ah so around 12.5kWh, and are the same as can be found in the BMW i3. That allows for a range of 160km and the vehicle can accelerate from 0-50km in under 2.8 seconds. It also allows for a 48 horsepower (35 kW) and 53 pound-feet of torque (peak).

Being electric, there’s no delay on that torque – full power is immediately accessible. However, the torque is always under the control of the driver at all times as an electric control system, Torque Control Assist, prevents uncontrolled rear wheel spin. This is especially important when setting off.




Source: BMW

For those that want it, an anti -theft alarm will cost an extra US$395, a comfort seat US$145 and heated grips for US$250.

The vehicle will also come with a five year warranty and a 30,000 mile battery warranty.

The design comes in either silver or green. There is a LED daytime riding light, LED lights a TFT screen on the dash and reverse assist all installed into the vehicle. It is equipped with dual floating two-piston disc brakes up front and a single disc out back – necessary given it weighs around 275kg.

The arrival of this new and improved C Evolution electric scooter in the US will be a relief for many that will have been anticipating its arrival. It is hard to see why it has taken so long to cross the ocean to reach American soil. However, the price may be somewhat off-putting, and torque aside we would see much less reason to switch from a cheaper ICE or other electric model.


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  1. I’ve been using this scooter since 2015.
    I disagree on your unfavorable price comparison to an ICE scooter, as it totally misses the consideration of Total Cost of Ownership. First of all, there is much lower cost of maintenance on such scooter : technically, no fluids to change outside that used in brakes. This scooter is made of about 200 parts instead of 2000+ in a 600cc ICE scooter, it makes it also much cheaper to maintain (for instance for changing tyres). Using battery-regen, brakes are barely used if you ride smoothly and in an anticipating manner. Typically, the first service coming after 10’000km only costs 30EUR. Secondly, no gasoline (kWh are cheaper esp. if you have access to renewable energy). Thirdly, taxes are lower for zero-emission vehicles in many countries in Europe, where regulation is stringent on ICE scooters.
    Make the maths for TCO, and consider that the C will come cheaper than a 600cc ICE scooter after only 3 years… together with MUCH better riding pleasure than on a stinky noisy ICE scooter. Oh and did I mention that you smoke *ANY* <1000cc motorbike on the green light ?

  2. This is actually useful, thanks.

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