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BMW sees electric future

BMW CEO Harald Krüger

BMW has reaffirmed its commitment to electric vehicles.

“Our future is definitely electric,” said BMW CEO Harald Krüger at the company’s Annual Accounts Press Conference 2018 on March 21.

“With our electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid models, we are already the clear number one in Europe. Efficient Dynamics and our modern diesels will also play a role on the road to sustainable mobility.”

At the vanguard of the electric offensive will be BMW’s new electric cars; the all-electric BMW iX3, the BMW iNEXT, and the BMW i4 (previously called the BMW i Vision Dynamics).

“These models are proof of our innovative strength. Last year alone, we invested almost a billion euros more than in 2016. At the same time, we spent nearly a billion euros more on research and development,” added Krüger.

The new models will be presented over the course of the year.

BMW’s range of electric vehicles will be boosted with the release of the new BMW i8 Roadster and BMW i8 Coupé in May this year. “Both models come with fourth-generation BMW eDrive technology. This will boost the electric range of these plug-in hybrids by more than 40%,” Krüger said.

He also touted the performance of the BMW i4 and the iNext. “With the fifth generation of eDrive, our vehicles will be able to drive 550-700 km on electric power, depending on the model.”

Krüger promoted the iNext as the flagship of BMW’s electric fleet, saying that “…it is a future-proof, scalable modular system. It will enable the entire company and all our brands in terms of technology, design and new approaches. The iNEXT combines Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, Electrification and Services.”

He said that BMW aims to have 500,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on the roads by the end of 2019, and that the company will have 25 electrics models by 2025, with 12 of them being pure electric.

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