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BMW’s i Vision of the future

BMW board chairman Harald Krüger with the i Vision Dynamics

The i Vision Dynamics is the latest electric concept, filling a sedan-shaped hole in the company’s i range

As Mercedes reveals new details of the EQ, and Volkswagen pushes the ID BUZZ, BMW presses on with the next stage of its i-model development plan.

A year on from the presentation of the “NEXT 100” vision vehicles, the company is using the platform of Frankfurt to unveil its latest concept: the i Vision Dynamics. This is a four-door Gran Coupe with a range of 600 km (373 miles), a top speed above 200 kmh (120 mph) and acceleration of 0-62 mph in four seconds.

“At the BMW Group, the future of electric mobility has already arrived,” said BMW board chairman Harald Krüger. “We have more electrified vehicles on the road than any established competitor and are committed to expanding our activities in the field of electric mobility as part of our NUMBER ONE > NEXT strategy.”

“By 2025 we will be offering 25 models with an electrified drive system – of which 12 will be pure-electric. With the BMW i Vision Dynamics we are showcasing how we envisage future electric mobility between the i3 and i8: a dynamic and progressive, four-door Gran Coupe. We are therefore electrifying the heart of the BMW brand and, at the same time, elevating BMW i into a totally new dimension,” Krüger continued.

Certainly, the Vision Dynamics sedan would appear to bridge the gap between the compact, urban-focused i3, and the futuristic, track-ready i8. But despite all the talk of electrification, BMW offers little in the way of detail – we have no indication, for example, of battery specifications, motor output or powertrain configuration.

Source: BMW
Source: BMW

Some commentators have already suggested the choice of a sedan suggests the company has its sights on Tesla’s market. Some of the design features – recessed door handles – would support the idea that BMW is having some fun with its competitor.

BMW says the i Vision Dynamics is a look at “the much more immediate future.” – but with scant details, and no production schedule, all we have now is the company’s word that by 2025 things will be different. Given the scale of electrification at the show, the question remains as to whether that promise will be enough to ensure the company’s success.


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