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Bosch Forecasts that 1 in 3 New Bikes will Be eBikes in the Medium Term

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Stuttgart/Reutlingen – The market for eBikes achieved further significant growth in 2015. For the first time, more than half a million pedelecs are expected to be sold in Germany. One driving force in this growth market is Bosch eBike Systems. “We achieved double-digit growth again, a higher rate than the market average,” says Claus Fleischer, Head of the Bosch eBike Systems business unit. “We remain confident for the years ahead. The potential is enormous. In the medium run, one new bicycle in three sold in Central Europe is likely to be an eBike.”

For many people, the eBike is more than just a means of getting from A to B. “The eBike is increasingly becoming a lifestyle product,” says Fleischer. A glance at cycle stores shows: from comfortable step-through and everyday models to sporty eMountain and practical eCargo-bikes, the range of eBikes on offer is individual and varied. “One trend to watch is sporting use. Electric is now gaining momentum among mountain bikers.”

Successful electromobility on two wheels
The eBike is also highly significant in terms of traffic policy. “eBikes are the entry point to efficient, emission-free mobility,” Fleischer is positive. Battery power helps eBikers to reach their daily destinations more efficiently, more economically, and in an ecologically more sustainable manner. The 2.1 million pedelecs on German roads are proof of how viable this concept is. According to the latest estimates by the industry association ZIV1, some 520,000 pedelecs have been sold across Germany in 2015. In Europe, eBike sales are set to treble by 2023, while world sales are expected to increase by around 27 per cent within the same period of time (Risk Pulse Study 20152).

Growth markets: Firm focus on Europe, America and Asia
Bosch eBike Systems has set itself the target of establishing the pedelec around the globe. Founded as a start-up within the Bosch Group in 2009, Bosch eBike Systems is now the world market leader in the premium segment. “This makes us proud. It is also a major motivation for future projects. We are represented in the North American market and in Asia by our branch offices since 2014. We are expanding our activities consistently and continuing to develop components and the overall system further,” Fleischer says.

1 Cf. latest ZIV market data at http://bit.ly/1J6TH7H.
2 The Risk Pulse study includes in its forecast both power-assisted bikes that require an insurance plate and eBikes/pedelecs, which do not: cf. http://bit.ly/1I6sHop.

Attribution: http://www.bosch-presse.de

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