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BYD presents E-SEED GT concept car and Song Pro SUV at Auto Shanghai 2019

BYD E-SEED GT concept car

The Chinese car manufacturer also showcased e Series models e1, e2 and s2

BYD debuted its E-SEED GT concept car and Song Pro SUV at the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition.

BYD introduced 23 new models, including its new e-series models and its latest Dynasty series of vehicles, showcasing its BYD New Architecture (BNA) design, the 3rd generation of Dual Mode technology, plus the world-leading e-platform framework.

The firm’s newest E-SEED GT concept car, with its dragon-influenced details, boasts a three-screen interconnection and a retractable steering wheel.

The company also launched its Song Pro, a medium to large SUV featuring a wheelbase of 2,712 mm, with five 90-110 degree adjustable rear seats, and comes equipped with the leading DiLink2.0 Open Intelligent Network, Level 2 Intelligent in-car assistant and leading touch-screen artificial intelligence interaction.

At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, the Chinese EV giant also showcased its Dynasty series and its e Series models e1, e2 and s2.

The e1 is positioned as an economic pure electric compact car, built using the BNA, BYD e platform and DiLink Intelligent Network system, with running costs as low as US$0.007 per km, while providing enough charge for 100 km in just 12 minutes.

The s2 is an all-around smart SUV, offering a range of 305 km when fully charged, and taking just 15 minutes to provide charge for 100 km.

“To meet the arrival of complete electrification, BYD has formulated a series of strategies, and is well prepared,” said Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD, during the launch event.

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