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Ariel Rider hauls 300 pounds of cargo on rear rack

C-Class Comfort. Source: Ariel Rider

E-bike C-Class Comfort kitted out for all practical hipster needs lacks the style of its competitors

If you haven’t yet heard of the C-Class Comfort e-bike you probably haven’t been spending enough time on Pinterest. Designed with purely practical purposes in mind, it aims to attract the average hipster who just got off work, on the way to buy veg at the market and grab a soya latte macchiato, before going home to her pet pug and five cats.

If she also needs to stop off to buy some kitty kibble along the way that’s totally possible, as the bike is able to carry 300 pounds (130 kilos) of stuff on its back rack. (Make that 12 bags of kitty litter). The front rack incorporates an open-sided bamboo tray for a “pizza box or yoga mats,” and has a built-in coffee cup holder, while the rear rack is bare and could accommodate boxes, crates, or even a kid carrier.

Source: Ariel Rider

Packing in an either 250W or 500W electric motor, and providing the buyer with four frame colour choices, the C-Class is meant to “eliminate all the excuses not to use a bike for daily commuting.”

The patent-pending POD system makes cycling enjoyable by measuring how much force the cyclist is applying on the pedals and checking the terrain conditions. This gives the optimal power needed to make said hipster feel as though she is having the ultimate riding experience with minimal input needed.

Power is provided by a Samsung battery, with top speeds of 24 and 30 mph, depending on the size of the battery. Recharge time is four hours, with real-time range estimated between 15 and 30 miles when pedalling. There is also a throttle setting which allows the cyclist to ride without pedalling, to the detriment of distance travelable.

The upright handlebars, fat city tires, and spring saddle all promise a comfortable ride, especially for those who are new to cycling, and front and rear LED lights enhance riding safety.

All this coming in at US$2,099-US$2,199 depending on how much power you need for a 6061 aluminium alloy frame.

Source: Faraday

Despite the practical benefits, the C-Class lacks the sleek style of some of its competitors, remaining a little on the clunky side. Contenders include the Izip E3 Vibe Plus (US$1899, 350W) and the more nifty Faraday Porteur (US$3500, 110W), pictured above respectively. Of course, hipsters aren’t always known for placing practicality over looks, but the ones who do would be justified in going for the C-Class Comfort.

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