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California schools deploys US’s largest fleet of zero-emission school buses

The achievement will be celebrated The Lion Electric Co. alongside the opening of a new electrical centre

19 California school districts will be recognised as pioneers by The Lion Electric Co. for adopting zero-emission, all-electric school buses that benefit communities throughout California.

The opening celebrates the largest deployment of electric school buses in the country, which is eliminating exposures to California school children. These all-electric school buses provide a healthy breathing environment for students, school bus drivers, mechanics and all Californians.

The Lion Electric Co., the US’s leading manufacturer of electric school buses, is officially opening the Lion Experience Centre in Sacramento, California. The centre will help educate school districts, truck fleet operators, and transit bus operators on the possibilities of electrifying their fleets.

The centre is a teaching space available to school districts, fleet operators, and agencies to learn about EV capabilities, charging, available grants and vehicle tours.

“Opening our first Lion Experience Centre represents a major achievement to serve school districts, fleet operators, and the community,” mentioned founder and CEO at Lion Marc Bedard. “Our Experience Centres will be a space where the EV community can gather for training, teaching, and educational purposes.”

Lion chief commercial officer for the US Peter Rego also stated that “this is the first time a school bus manufacturer dedicates a showcase to highlight electric buses. Our commitment to zero-emission and energy efficient solutions can now be opened up to neighbouring districts, schools and agencies all over California.”

Pete also mentioned that “we will continue to provide best-in-class customer support all over the United States and will rapidly deploy multiple Experience Centres to meet the growing demand for electric buses nationwide”.

Lion has deployed over 150 electric school buses in California, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Canada.

Lion Vice President Nate Baguio will recognise and thank customers in California for their leadership to make positive change for their communities. “Current and future generations thank you for your commitment to clean the air and protect children from toxic emissions in and around dirty diesel school buses,” he said.

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