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Canada launches e-bus project

Source: Nova Bus

Canada to trial fast-charging and electric bus routes in Vancouver, and Brampton and York, Ontario

Natural Resources Canada has announced a new C$1.2 million investment in the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority’s (TransLink) demonstration project, covering the installation of overhead charging stations for electric buses in Vancouver.

Canada’s two major bus manufacturers — New Flyer (Manitoba) and Nova Bus (Quebec) — will be developing the electric transit buses for multiple sites across the country, while ABB and Siemens are developing the chargers. The government says the project will use more than one bus manufacturer and more than one charging system provider to evaluate the operations and performance of different systems.

In a separate announcement, Nova Bus said it was pleased to support the project and collaborate with the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC), which is pooling financial partners, research teams, technological tools and manufacturers for the scheme across Canada.

The first phase of the project will entail the deployment of 18 buses and the installation of charging stations on bus routes in Vancouver, British Colombia, and Brampton and York Region in Ontario. Nova Bus will provide entirely electric LFSe model buses, with delivery planned for 2019.

“This project intends to demonstrate electric buses are cross-compatible with manufacturers’ charging solutions, all with a view to sustainability, which is a key value for Nova Bus’ development. Our participation in this project, as in the Cité Mobilité project in Montréal, reflects our desire and ability to work effectively with various stakeholders to make Canada and its metropolitan networks world leaders in sustainable, efficient and safe urban transportation,” said Emmanuelle Toussaint, Vice President Legal, Regulatory and Public Affairs of Nova Bus and board member of CUTRIC.

In York Region, Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution will own and operate the charger station on behalf of York Region Transit (the first time in North America that a utility has owned and operated a charging system on behalf of a transit agency). In Brampton, Brampton Transit will own its own charging systems, but outsource operations to ABB Group, according to New Flyer.

So far the Government of Canada says it has invested a total of C$182.5 million to support the deployment of electric chargers, natural gas and hydrogen refuelling stations, the demonstration of new charging technologies, and the development of codes and standards.


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