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Canada’s ERA to invest C$100 million in clean technology projects

ERA’s investments could reduce GHG emissions by 2.5 million tonnes of CO2 by 2030

An innovative clean technology to transition Alberta’s diesel-powered transit buses to electric is getting a boost in funding from Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA). eCAMION’s first-of-kind charging system is expected to reduce e-bus impact on the electrical grid and lower installation and operating costs, which should allow for broader and faster adoption across the province. A trial of this fast-charge technology will take place in partnership with the City of Edmonton.

This is just one of the projects selected through ERA’s BEST Challenge, a C$100 million funding opportunity for biotechnology, electricity, and sustainable transportation innovations. The combined value of these new clean technology projects is C$600 million. If successful, these innovative clean technology investments will lead to cumulative GHG reductions of more than 2.5 million tonnes of CO2e by 2030 – equivalent to the GHG emissions from 530,786 passenger vehicles driven for one year. These projects will reduce operating costs, the cost of energy and create new economic opportunities.

“Innovation is a key part of Alberta’s economic and environmental success, and our industries continue to show tremendous leadership on this front. Clean technology investments lead to made-in-Alberta solutions that support jobs, protect our environment, and point Alberta toward a healthy, prosperous future,” said Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister responsible for the Climate Change Office Shannon Phillips.

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