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car2go publishes white paper on autonomous, fully electric carsharing

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Car sharing start-up car2go highlights five key points for success in the autonomous EV car-sharing in future

Ahead of the Web Summit, the world’s largest technology conference, held in Lisbon, free-floating carsharing firm car2go has published a white paper which shows the five conditions which are crucial for the management of autonomous fleets in the future.

“No other mobility sector can prepare itself so comprehensively for the future of autonomous driving as the free floating carsharing sector,” says CEO Olivier Reppert. “Whoever wants to optimally manage fleets must manage the cars on the same high level as the software –using learning algorithms, big data and apps. We are already doing this today.”

In its view, the five conditions for success in this field are:

  1. Professional fleet management
  2. Demand prediction
  3. Fleet intelligence
  4. Intelligent charging
  5. The best customer experience

The white paper stipulates that “demand prediction is an important part of the management of autonomous fleets”. “The key component, however, will be so-called fleet intelligence.” This decides which vehicle will satisfy which demand. This management algorithm is hugely complex as the utilization of each individual vehicle affects all other vehicles in the fleet.

The authors add that:

The biggest challenge will be to make the best product available right at the very beginning in a highly competitive market. The market for personal mobility in today’s world is fragmented and shared between taxi services, ride-hailing providers, carshare services and other market players. These business models will draw closer together in the future, and competition between them will become even more direct.

car2go currently manages a combined fleet of 14,000 vehicles in 26 cities. To do so, the company collects valuable information not only for basic fleet management tasks, but also for intelligent algorithms for the strategic positioning of vehicles in accordance with demand. An important requirement for this is the so-called “demand prediction” – which calculates in advance when and where a car will soon be needed.

“The use of autonomous vehicles will be a further quantum leap for carsharing, as was the change from station-based carsharing to the free floating approach,” adds Reppert. “We are looking forward to this future and are ready to go with it.”

The full whitepaper can be downloaded in as a .pdf here.

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