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Public Transport

Brighsun Develops Long Range Electric Bus (Gas2)


Australian company Brighsun has developed an electric bus with a certified range of 1,004 kilometers.  The buses run on a high performance lithium-ion battery combined with proprietary eMotor, battery management and a regenerative breaking system. Brighsun has not released any technical details about its battery or electric motor but is indicating that it …

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Greek Town Chosen to Test Self-Driving Buses (San Luis Obispo Tribune)


Trikala, Greece, has been chosen to test French CityMobil2 buses in real traffic conditions. Previously tested in controlled conditions the self-driving buses this represents the first time such technology has been utilised in the country.  Though they only have a capacity of 10 people and a top speed of 12 1/2 …

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OLEV Technologies’ Wireless Inductive System Charges Vehicles while in Motion (Charged EVs)

Last August, OLEV Korea set up its system for two buses in Gumi, South Korea, each running a continuous 24 km inner-city route. As an example of a typical application of the OLEV charging system, charging apparatuses are installed beneath the street in strips of concrete-encased wires 5 m at …

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