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International Regulations Laws & Incentives

CAA Relaxes Rules of Flight Testing Experimental Aircraft (Pilot Web)


The CAA has introduced simpler requirements, known as E Conditions, for approving the initial flight testing of small experimental aircraft. The new requirements allow aircraft designers to try out a new concept aircraft up to a maximum take-off weight of 2,000kg in the air without going through the costly and time-consuming …

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Island Nations Looking to Reduce Fuel Burden (Renewable World Energy)


Renewables are beating fossil fuels on cost in island nations from the Pacific to the Caribbean, where governments are seeking to limit their exposure to volatile market prices.  Palau is seeking to cut a $40 million-a-year fuel bill that consumes about a sixth of its economy, and it’s not alone. In …

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US Consumer Group Recommends More Stringent Regulations for Self Driving Cars (Hybrid Cars)

Google Car

A consumer advocacy group is asking the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to reconsider, following the NHTSA’s announcement that it will be updating its policy on self driving cars. John M. Simpson, the privacy project director for a non-profit advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, addressed the issue in a letter to …

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Advocates for Carbon Tax (Hybrid Cars)


Removing hidden subsidies and imposing a fee on carbon, Musk told audience members at public research school Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris, France, will hasten the switch from fossil fuels to greener energy sources.  Musk said; ” “So how do we accelerate this transition away from fossil fuels to the sustainable era? …

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Eleven US States Assessing Fees on Electric Vehicles Due to Lost Fuel Tax Revenue (Electric Cars Report)


The maintenance of US highways has traditionally been funded from a combination of Federal and state taxes collected at the pump from the sale of motor fuels. As electric cars do not use traditional fuel sources eleven states are now seeking to assess fees on EV owners directly. It is hoped …

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India and France Launch Solar Alliance at COP21 (Energy Trend)


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the International Solar Alliance (ISA) with French president François Hollande at the COP21 climate conference in Paris.  India will lead the alliance which will seek to give momentum to solar energy policies, increasing cooperation over the best and new technologies and bringing faster cost …

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Regulations Frustrating Japanese Hydrogen Ambitions (Hydrogen Fuel News)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Japan has recently been making a large push towards advancing its hydrogen infrastructure in the country, with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calling fuel cell vehicles “the ultimate eco car.”  However auto-giant Honda has found the lengthy regulation process frustratingly slow.  With little progress made in the last three years …

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US Department of Energy to Invest in Hydrogen Technology (Hydrogen Fuel News)


The DoE plans to invest $20 million in fuel cell technology. Around ten projects are set to benefit from this funding.  It is hoped this funding will continue the success of fuel cell technology which has seen the cost of hydrogen fuelled vehicles halved since 2006. The industry grew by …

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North East England Bidding for Government ULEV Funds (Sunderland Echo)


The North East Combined Authority is one of twelve groups bidding for a share of £35 million ($54 million) to increase ULEV uptake. The Go Ultra Low Cities Scheme set up by The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) plans to reward areas which show potential for a significant ULEV (Ultra Low …

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