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Global Charging Network

Kyocera Expands Number of Solar Recharging Stations in Japan (Solar Daily)

A Kyocero Solar Charging Station

Kyocera has supplied two more solar-powered recharging stations in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan which began operation earlier this month. The stations power electric vehicles (BEVs) as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). n addition, the stations become central hubs for back-up power during emergencies by switching to grid-independent operation, improving …

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Nissan Suggests New Wireless Charging System for Geneva Motor Show (Pure Green Cars)


Nissan working with Foster + Partners has released a twenty second teaser showing a new wireless charging system as its vision for the Fuel Station of the Future.  The teaser previews the final concept which will be unveiled in March next year at the Geneva Motor Show.  For more information see the …

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Beijing Opens World’s Largest Fast Charging Station (Electric Cars Report)


The largest fast charging station in the world has just opened in China.  Located in Chaoyang district, Beijing, built by the China State Grid, this new charging complex covers an area of 26,500 square metres with its structures covering 1,575 square metres. The complex provides the infrastructure to charge 30 buses at the …

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Renault and Eneco Join Forces for Smart Charging Solution (Electric Cars Report)


Renault and Eneco have signed an agreement to collaborate on a smart charging solution for electric vehicles at COP21 Paris conference.  Eneco subsidiary Jedlix will develop a version of its smart charging app, to adapt it to Renault ZOE. This app makes it possible to charge electric cars using renewable …

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OLEV Technologies’ Wireless Inductive System Charges Vehicles while in Motion (Charged EVs)

Last August, OLEV Korea set up its system for two buses in Gumi, South Korea, each running a continuous 24 km inner-city route. As an example of a typical application of the OLEV charging system, charging apparatuses are installed beneath the street in strips of concrete-encased wires 5 m at …

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