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Electric Motors

NASA working hard to X-plane itself

The X-57 Maxwell. Credit: NASA.

Having proposed the re-launch of its X-plane programme earlier this year, NASA’s Aeronautics division has recently unveiled its latest innovation: the all-electric X-57 With a spate of recent announcements, progress in electric aviation is really beginning to take off. NASA in particular has shown renewed efforts this year, having announced …

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Hyundai Genesis – the beginning or the end of its EV ambitions?

Hyundai ix35 fuel cell

Hyundai’s Genesis range will contain plug-in hybrids, but the company sees batteries only as an intermediate step to hydrogen fuel cells. Hyundai’s decision to focus its electrified vehicle plans on a brand that is barely off the ground has surprised some. Yet a follow-up announcement by Hyundai Motor America CEO …

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TM4 Supplying Motor and Inverter to Ballard for FCvelocity-HD7 Module (Green Car Congress)

Ballard Power Systems has selected TM4 Inc. for the supply of electric motors and inverters to be coupled with new compressor units for Ballard’s seventh-generation FCvelocity-HD7 power module. The TM4 MOTIVE series of high rpm motors was selected by Ballard for its proven reliability, quality and high power density. The …

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Sensata Technologies Introduces its Smallest Micro-fused Strain Gage Technology for Next Generation Brake Systems Especially Designed for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Read the full press release below. Sensata Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ST), a leading manufacturer of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions, has developed a line of smaller, lighter Micro-fused Strain Gage (MSG) pressure sensors for use in next-generation brake systems for hybrid, electric, and conventional vehicles. The eXtra-smallForm …

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New Cooling Technology ‘Shrinks Motor Sizes by 75%’ (Drives & Controls)

Two US companies have announced plans to produce electric motors with a novel cooling technology that results in them being 75% smaller, and much lighter, than conventional motors with a similar power rating. They say that the motors, aimed principally at automotive applications, will deliver the power and torque to …

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NASA: Electric Powered Planes Possible Now (Gineers Now)

On 26th February 2015, NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center expected the arrival of an exclusive experimental demonstrator. This demonstrator might be responsible for heralding the coolest future in aircraft technology. This involves the aircraft being powered by electric motors. NASA has named this project, Leading Edge Asynchronous Technology. This project …

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Duryea Technologies Develops Electric Supercharger (Green Car Congress)

Duryea Technologies (founded in 1996 under the name “eCycle” with the objective of commercializing hybrid and electric motorcycles) has developed an electric supercharger for use in the consumer and commercial vehicle markets. Conventional superchargers are gear- or belt-driven by the engine, and output is limited by engine speed. Unlike a …

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SipaBoards Prosper with Electric Stand Up Paddle Boards (Electric Vehicles Research)

SipaBoards self-­inflating and jet­propelled smart SUP picked up a prestigious Red Dot Award in 2015, taking the honors in the competition’s Best of the Best. The Slovenian startup’s recognition came after a summer that saw them run a successful crowdfunding campaign and continue with direct sales online. Now SipaBoards has …

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