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Electrovaya-Litarion Introduce a Thinner Flexible Ceramic Separator for Lithium Ion Batteries (Presswire)


Electrovaya-Litarion have introduced its new thinner flexible ceramic separator SEPARION P20 for utility-scale and electric vehicle applications.  A separator is a value-added membrane that acts as a critical safety barrier inside a lithium ion battery. SEPARION is a unique ceramic separator that withstands unusually high temperature incursions and thus makes a …

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India and France Launch Solar Alliance at COP21 (Energy Trend)


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the International Solar Alliance (ISA) with French president François Hollande at the COP21 climate conference in Paris.  India will lead the alliance which will seek to give momentum to solar energy policies, increasing cooperation over the best and new technologies and bringing faster cost …

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New Advances with the Lithium-Air Battery (Science-Daily)

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have made new developments in increasing the future viability of a lithium-air battery and have developed a lab-based demonstrator of a lithium-oxygen battery which has higher capacity, increased energy efficiency and improved stability over previous attempts. Their demonstrator relies on a highly porous, ‘fluffy’ carbon …

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Norway Launches Plug-In Hybrid Shipping Project (Maritime Executive)

Green Port16x9

In a joint program with the Norwegian government, Oslo-based DNV GL recently launched the Green Coastal Shipping Programme which aims to create the most environmentally-friendly vessels in the world. The program is comprised of five pilot projects which chiefly use LNG and batteries as energy sources for plug-in hybrid shipping. The first …

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Nissan Unveils New IDS Electric Concept Car (Transport Evolved)

Nissan IDS Concept

Fully autonomous and fully electric was the mantra behind Nissan’s new IDS concept car, unveiled ahead of the official opening of the Tokyo Motor Show.  The Nissan IDS Concept car is powered by a next-generation 60 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, features fully-automatic coach doors and wireless inductive charging.  While the …

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Tesla’s Model S has its Reliability Scrutinised (Consumer Reports)


Consumer Reports has downgraded the Model S’ reliability rating from “average” to “worse-than-average” in terms of its overall problem rate.  While praising the quality of the car itself it’s longevity can be questioned. From surveying 1400 people Consumer Reports found a number of complicated issues plaguing the Model S. The main …

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Battery Technology Firm Sakti3 Acquired by Dyson (USA Today)

James Dyson

Vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson is to build a large battery factory to utilise Sakti3’s solid state lithium-ion technology. James Dyson, the founder of Dyson has confirmed his company’s purchase of the Michigan based battery technology firm.  Acquired for $90 million Dyson hopes to utilise Sakti3’s technology with their own products …

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Hydrogen Could Become Major Australian Export (Hydrogen Fuel News)

Solar 2

To meet the growing demand from Asia Australia could use its abundant solar energy generating capacity to produce hydrogen for export.  The vast amount of electrical power Australia harnesses from solar sources could be used in the costly production of hydrogen.  This would provide a largely environmentally friendly way to …

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