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China to standardise EV industry

Chinese car factory

China aims to improve the standardisation in its electric vehicle industry

The smog-shrouded country plans to use EVs to help bring down pollution, and wants to take the lead in the global EV industry as well.

A Reuters report, quoting the Chinese Ministry of Industry, said that China will focus on recharging, battery design and fuel consumption.

The country wants to set its own standards for EVs, a goal that sits well with China’s rising status in global technology. China is out to challenge Europe, America and other Asian countries like Japan and South Korea for as the benchmark for high-tech industries.

China is keen to incentivise EV production, having set a quota that Chinese car manufacturers must ensure that 10% of their production is made up of EVs by next year, rising to 12% by 2020.

With China’s EV market being the biggest in the world, with 777,000 sold in 2017 (up 53% compared to 2016), companies operating in the country will need to work hard to maintain their slice of the EV pie. However, there is plenty of growth forecast in the short term, as the country plans to sell 2 million EVs in 2020.

Although China has been pushing ahead technologically, it needs to standardise its EVs in order to take advantage of economies of scale. For a country the size of China, that’s one big economy.


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