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Circle K strengthens EV initiative with high power charging stations from ABB

As the first energy station chain in Norway, Circle K has ordered ABB’s high power EV chargers

Norway’s energy station chain Circle K has signed a contract with ABB, a pioneering technology company focused in digital industries, for the supply of Terra High Power, 175 kW EV chargers in combination with Terra 54 CJG, 50 kW EV-chargers, which are the most installed and reliable EV chargers on the market today.

“ABB is committed to drive E-mobility. Good access to fast, reliable and efficient EV-charging is essential to making electric cars a relevant alternative also outside the big cities. Circle K has energy stations all over the country, and by investing in fast chargers from ABB, they help to lower the threshold for choosing an electric vehicle,” said Frank Muehlon, who is leading ABB’s global business for E-mobility infrastructure.

The new Terra HP chargers offer a future proof solution. They can be upgraded to deliver 350 kW if needed. This will allow EV batteries to be charged with enough power to travel 200 km in just eight minutes of charging.

For Circle K, the high power chargers will help them retain their customers as more switch from petrol and diesel cars to EVs. While motorists previously depended on finding a gas station to fill the tank, electric car owners can power the batteries virtually anywhere, and often in combination with a shopping trip. For gas stations, it is therefore important to be able to offer an EV charging experience that is comparative to ordinary refuelling times.

The EV chargers, which will be delivered by April 2019, are part of the ABB Ability portfolio of connected solutions, the company’s unified digital offering across different industries with over 210 solutions to date. ABB Ability delivers web-enabled connectivity that allows e-mobility charging network operators to perform several functions, including remote monitoring and configuring of charging points to resolve driver issues.

ABB Ability also enables servicing of equipment with minimal downtime and the flexibility to connect to any charging network, back-office, payment or energy management solution.

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