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CityFreighter develops customised electric delivery trucks for fleet operators

CityFreighter delivery truck design

CityFreighter will present its first prototype in 2019

Last mile logistics will change and they face a lot of future challenges. By 2030, 70% of all people will live in bigger cities. There is an increasing shortage of drivers. The demand for sustainable, compact, pollution-free commercial vehicles is steadily growing.

Furthermore, upcoming regulatory changes for inner-city traffic will lead to a rapid increase in the sales of commercial, electric vehicles for urban deliveries. All that takes place in a market estimated globally at US$729 billion by 2028 of which up to 35% from urban light-duty truck sales.

CityFreighter believes the problem in the industry lies beyond just swapping fossil fuel operated motors with electric ones. Electric drivetrains and batteries are quickly becoming commodities.

The company aims to disrupt the traditional business model of truck manufacturers by developing customised vehicle concepts that seamlessly integrate into the physical- and IT-infrastructures and evolving business requirements of fleet operators.

CityFreighter views the delivery truck of the future as part of a fully, digitally connected value-chain spanning from distribution centre to recipient. CityFreighter’s modular approach enables precisely such customisation of key infrastructure components for the serial production of commercial vehicles, and that is a key differentiator compared to large OEMs and other competitors.

Developing fully customised trucks for large fleet operators becomes a reality.

President CityFreighter Michael Schoening said: “Our modular approach significantly reduces tooling costs, development time and supports our fast go-to-market plans via a quickly scalable production volume. It will allow us to rapidly develop different designs for different customers’ value-chain requirements.”

CityFreighter is planning to present the first prototype in early 2019 with production starting in the third quarter of 2019. The company is currently raising funds through a Title III- Regulation Crowdfunding Campaign on Startengine

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