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Clear Blue Technologies makes lithium batteries smarter, expands product line

Clear Blue Technologies charges lithium batteries individually to reduce potential accidents

Clear Blue Technologies has announced the delivery of a modular, lithium energy capability that can scale as the power demands of nano-grid systems change and grow.

Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid power systems now include Clear Blue-certified lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries within Clear Blue’s telecom, lighting, and IoT Smart Off-Grid power packs.

“By making lithium batteries smarter, we’re ushering in the next generation of Smart Off-Grid,” said chief power office of Clear Blue John Tuerk. “Our Smart Off-Grid for Lithium offers the advantages of lithium while eliminating its disadvantages, making it well-suited for mission-critical lighting, telecom, and IoT applications.”

There are many benefits to lithium batteries including smaller size, faster charging and longer life. When properly managed, it’s an effective technology. However, when left unmanaged, performance can degrade significantly and reduce the available energy as well as the system life.

Smart Off-Grid for Lithium will manage charging cycles, state of charge, and other aspects that are key to maximising performance.

In addition, it enables systems to grow and scale in a modular fashion due to Clear Blue’s unique Smart Off-Grid energy storage management capabilities. Scaling systems that use lithium-ion batteries with solar charging is very difficult since lithium batteries have a significant risk of being damaged by spikes in charge current when connected in parallel.

Clear Blue’s Smart Off-Grid for Lithium enables the batteries to charge individually while operating in parallel when powering loads.

“With Smart Off-Grid’s capabilities to remotely control charging/discharging, balancing, failure prediction, system life and energy forecasting, customers benefit from higher uptime, longer system life, all at a lower cost,” Tuerk continued.

Clear Blue’s solutions now include 24-volt lithium (LiFePo4) batteries, with an innovative design for modular and scalable growth to deliver more power as systems grow over the life of their operation. The offering includes modular capabilities with 40ah, 80ah, 120ah, 160ah, and 240ah modules.

“When it comes to off-grid applications and large capacity systems, lithium battery technology is still in its infancy,” added Tuerk. “That’s why our Smart Off-Grid technology is critical for these applications, and since we manage every one of our installations in 35 countries around the world, Clear Blue is uniquely positioned to provide the best lithium battery solution for each customer’s application and environment.”

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